Apple Strudel
42 ₪
filled with grand smith apple, nuts, and cinnamon, baked on the spot. Served with vanilla ice cream
Alfredo Soufflé
42 ₪
warm white chocolate truffle with a chocolate exterior served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream
Kinder Bueno
38 ₪
white creamy chocolate and hazelnut on a crispy meringue cookie with a covering of bitter chocolate served with whipped cream
Milfey Burlee
39 ₪
layer of cold burlee cream between two puff pastries served on coconut cream
38 ₪
fried dough coated with cinnamon and brown sugar served with Carmel, white chocolate, and chocolate syrup
Belgian Waffle
46 ₪
hot hazelnut chocolate, white chocolate, white and brown log chocolate, wild berries, served with lotus ice cream and whipped cream
Hot chocolate fudge
46 ₪
flour free, filled with hazelnut chocolate topped with nuts. (Gluten free). Served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream
38 ₪
light vanilla covering, on a layer of butter cookie served with whipped cream and wild berries.